Mini Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs [Pink Or Blue] Ring Pull Smoke Grenades 30 Sec (Discreet Labels)

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Gender Reveal Ring Pull Mini Smoke Bombs

No lighter required, simply pull the ring and smoke will come out within 2 seconds. 

Smoke Effect Duration: 30-45 seconds

Model: RP30 Smoke

Output: Emits 10,000 cubic ft

Weight: 20g

Colors:  Pink or Blue with Discreet Labeling!

The pink and blue smoke sticks are completely discreet! Besides a number near the bottom with either REV1 or REV2 to help differentiate. 1 is Pink and 2 is Blue. 

The perfect gender reveal smoke bombs!

We are the #1 supplier of high quality smoke products to professional photographers and an authorized dealer of Peacock Smoke™.

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