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4 Pack - Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

4 Pack - Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

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4 Pack of Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

4 Pack Options Available:

  • 2 Pink & 2 Blue
  • 4 Blue
  • 4 Pink
  • 4 Purple
  • 4 Red
  • 4 White

The pink and the blue are identical looking so that nobody will know what the color is until you light the green wick and the smoke comes out. To help you be able to know which are blue and which are pink we put a code on them.

  • REV1 = Pink
  • REV2 = Blue
These smoke bombs have a wick that needs to be lit. They are not wirepull to activate like most of the other smoke grenades listed here at

Brightest Color - We Invented the Gender Reveal Smoke Sticks & We Do It Right!

Great for smoke bomb photography!

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In the boxes they are using 2 gender Reveal Smoke™ sticks.

Reveal Smoke™ is the #1 Trusted color smoke stick by Professional Photographers. They are ideal for colorful smoke bomb photography!

colored smoke stick pink gender reveal smoke bombcolored smoke stick blue gender reveal smoke bomb

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 The words "stick",  "fountain", "bomb" and "grenade" are used interchangeably.

*Once you light the wick, the smoke will come out in about 2 seconds. All smoke bombs in the USA will come with a warning saying "Do Not Hold in Hand".

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