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Wire Ring Pull Ring Smoke Grenades [90 SEC] Colored Smoke Bombs

Wire Ring Pull Ring Smoke Grenades [90 SEC] Colored Smoke Bombs

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Wire Ring Pull Ring Smoke Grenades [90 Seconds]

No lighting necessary! You simply pull the wire to the side to activate the smoke on these wire pull smoke bombs.

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These put out about 4 times more smoke than smoke bombs on other sites.

Lasts around 90 seconds.   

*It's a LOT of smoke so just realize that your entire neighborhood will probably notice. 

Colors in Stock: Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, White, Black and Green! 

For Gender Reveals most people get a Blue and a Pink..You can wrap them in tinfoil once you receive them to hide the color.

How to Use Our Wire Pull Ring Smoke Grenades:

1. Take off the cap

2. Pull the ring to the side (not up)

3. Expect sparks to shoot out for the first few seconds, then smoke will start coming out for 70-90 seconds

4. Place on Ground, away from anything flammable and enjoy thick colorful smoke.

5. Dispose of responsibly (top half of the product gets hot after 1 minute. Submerge in water for 15 minutes after use)

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