6 Minute White Smoke Bomb


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Our longest lasting smoke stick! White 5 Minute Smoke

This is great for smoke bomb photography because you can take a lot of pictures in 6 minutes. The typical color smoke stick only lasts 90 seconds at most. This white smoke grenade puts off a large amount consistent white smoke for 5 whole minutes! 

Perfect for testing the wind and for practicing smoke bomb photography/video before jumping into a shoot with pricier color smoke bombs that only last 30-90 seconds.

This is also a popular product for hvac to check leaks in vents. It's a safe non-toxic product often called a smoke signal or smoke candle.

Duration: 6 Minutes

Color: White 

Size: 8" Long & 1.5" in diameter

Ignition: Light the Wick

These are about 8 inches long while the other ones on the site are about 5 inches long. These ones have a wick that you need to light. They are not ring pull activated like the Peacock Smoke™ Effects on the Site.

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