5 Pack Mini Smoke Bombs - 30 Second Ring Pull Grenade


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RP30 Smoke Grenade

Ring Pull Smoke Bomb - No Lighter Required!

These Mini Smoke Grenades were created for those more delicate or focused photo shoots. When you just don't want a huge cloud of smoke, these are the go to!

Lasting 30 seconds and putting off half the smoke of the RP90 by Peacock Smoke, these are perfect for placing inside pumpkins, inside mason jars, or whatever creative ideas you may have!


  1. Pull ring at 90 degree angle
  2. Place smoke effect stick on ground or in desired object (pumpkin)
  3. Take lots of photos!
  4. Tag @genderrevealsupplies on instagram!

Blue and pink come as discreet labels. Code near bottom reads either REV1 or REV2. Pink is 1 and blue is 2

Shipping - Takes form 2-6 business days depending on location

No returns, all sales final!