Color Changing Smoke Sticks [Gender Reveal Prank Smoke Bombs]


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Gender Reveal Color Changing Smoke Effect Prank Stick

The best way to prank all your gender reveal party guests. Each smoke bomb starts by having 1 color of smoke come out and then changes to the actual color of smoke that you want to reveal.

Comes with 1 smoke bomb.

First color lasts anywhere from 20-30 seconds (can vary) and then the other color starts and last for another 30 seconds.

    2 Options Available:
    • Pink to Blue (1to2)
    • Blue to Pink (2to1)

    Duration 60 seconds

    Now with new Discreet Labels! Both colors are identical except for the code that indicates color changing sequence: 1to2 = Pink to Blue and 2to1 = Blue to Pink.

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    Gender reveal smoke bomb prank.

    This product is the ultimate gender reveal prank.

    He or She? Light me to See!