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Colored Smoke Cartridge - Color Smoke Emitters

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#1 Sold Color Smoke Cartridge Online! 

We are the #1 Online Store for color smoke emitter cartridges. HVAC smoke finds air flow leaks. Also used for photo smoke effect in professional photography.

Many gender reveal parties like to use them in blue, pink or purple to reveal the sex of their baby to friends and family.

We have the longest lasting white smoke emitter cartridge on the planet. Our 6 minute smoke in white is perfect for long lasting smoke needs.

 The wire pull smoke emitters don't require a match to light them, you simply pull the wire and the smoke releases. They come in 9 colors: White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, Green and Purple. They last 60-90 seconds each.

Style: wp40

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The caps will have manufacture dates on them (they are not expiration dates)

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