8 Pack of Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades - Colored Smoke Bombs

8 Pack of Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades - Colored Smoke Bombs

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No lighting necessary! You simply pull the wire to activate the smoke on these wire pull smoke sticks. 8 Pack for $47.92  that's Only $5.99 each!

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These put out about 4 times more smoke than the standard smoke bombs on other sites.

*Yellow & Orange are sold out until August 5th, so the 8 pack with 1 of each color will have Blue, Red, Purple, White, Black, Pink, Green and then another random color.

Wire Pull Smoke Grenades are Perfect for Gender Reveal Parties, Weddings or Smoke Bomb Photography.

    • Set contains 8 Smoke Bombs. You pick the color combo on the drop-down.
    • Choose from wp40 or Burst (smoke comes out of both ends)
    • Genuine Enola Gaye Color Smoke - Each wp40 smoke grenade runs for approximately 90 seconds (each burst lasts ~25 seconds)
    • Produces deep, vivid color cloud ideal for your photos, celebrations, sports, and more
    • Easy to operate - Just pull a wire and it starts
    • Full instructions included on each item.
    • Intended for outdoor use and 18-yrs+
    • Produces over 20,000 cubic feet of thick, vibrant, colorful smoke.
    • Measures 5" x 1.5"

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Enola Gaye WIRE PULL Smoke Simulator - Color Smoke Bombs (8 Pack)

If any color is sold out, we will send another random color in its place for the 8 pack rainbow selection. Yellow and Orange are sold out until July 15th, so we will replace those 2 colors with other colors.

We do not deliver on weekends.


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