Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs [Discreetly Labeled] Smoke Effect Sticks [4 Pack]


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4 Pack of Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs (60-75 Seconds Each)
  • Amazing smoke effect and color.
  • Discreetly labeled so that nobody will know the color until you light them.
  • He or She? Light me to See!
  • 60-75 Second Smoke Output Each.
  • Easy to use, simply light the wick and watch smoke come out.
  • Non- toxic smoke, fully biodegradable body.
  • Labeling does not indicate the color of smoke bomb. 
  • REV1 = Pink
  • REV2 = Blue

Smoke Bombs for Sale

Choose 2 Pink & 2 Blue gender reveal smoke bombs or all 4 pink or all 4 blue.

Authentic Peacock Smoke™ Brand means these gender reveal sticks are the best in the business.