Orange Distress Smoke Signal


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Ring Pull Orange Smoke Signal

Premium Distress Smoke Signaling Device

Last up to 90 seconds each

Easy activation - Pull ring at 90 degree angle

Produces high quality Vibrant Orange Smoke Signal - Daytime Only

These are commonly used as distress life signaling devices. Don't pay $60 for a 3 minute orange smoke signal. Just get a few of these 90 second smoke signals. Once you pull the ring and smoke starts coming out, they won't stop even if submerged in water. Great to have on a boat for safety signaling. Emit orange smoke from these canisters if you ever need assistance.

Orders placed before 3 PM MST will ship out same day. We do not ship Saturday or Sunday. 

Type D: Smoke Signal - Buoyant or Hand-Held (orange)

No returns or refunds. Please plan accordingly.

Safety Smoke Signaling Device - Orange Smoke Signal

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