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Photography Smoke Bombs

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Posted on August 03 2018

Cool Photography with Smoke Bombs

Did you know that here at we are the #1 trusted site that sells smoke bombs for photography? More professional photographers buy their smoke from us than from anyone else in the United States.

photography smoke bombs

Every colorful smoke grenade on our site can be used for smoke bomb photography. The key is learn how to shoot with smoke before getting into the more expensive options like our wire pull smoke bombs.

How to Photograph Smoke Bombs

Wind. Make sure you are not shooting on a windy day. If it's windy for the day of your shoot, you should wait it out or reschedule. Wind and smoke don't mix well for a good picture.

Practice. Practice. Practice. This is why we always recommend that you get our 6 minute smoke bombs so that you can get used to photographing smoke. They are the best bang per buck and allow you time take a lot of pictures.

Movement and Positioning. Your subject should be moving towards you to keep at least some of his/her body in front of the smoke. Allowing the smoke cover some parts of the body makes for a great picture.

Get creative. Use a drone to hold up a smoke bomb with fishing wire and see what you can do.

smoke bombs for photography

The burst smoke grenade is for experienced users since it doesn't last as long as the normal smoke bombs due to the fact that smoke is coming out of both ends instead of just one.

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