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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Smoke Grenades and Gender Reveal Cannons:

Shipping/Order Issues

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

  • Yes, except for the smoke balls, which must be shipped ground via UPS.

Can you offer in-store pickups?

  • Yes we do! We are located in Springville, UT. Just select "In-Store Pick-Up" at checkout. Please give us at least 2 hours notice to have your order packaged and ready for pick-up! If you plan to pick-up the same day, please email us at with "Urgent: In-Store Pickup Order#_____" in the subject line so that we see it right away and have your order ready to go! Our location is open for pick-ups from 10am-3pm Monday-Friday. 

Do you accept returns?

  • We do accept returns within 30 days of your purchase. You can ship the items back to us, however the original shipping costs will be deducted from the refund. You are also responsible for shipping costs to us. There is also a 15% restocking fee taken from the refund as well.

Can you overnight some to me?

    Can you ship to another country?

    • We can ship all products Internationally except any smoke bomb items.

      What should I do if I'm missing part of my order?

      • Shoot! We're sorry to hear this! Please take a photo of the products you've received as well as the packaging it came in. Then, send these to along with your order number and the name on your order and we'll help you out! 

      What should I do if my product malfunctions or arrives damaged?

      • Just as stated above, first take photos of the products that either malfunctioned or arrived damaged. Send those to us at along with your order number and the name on your order as well as a quick explanation of what happened. We'll help you out as best as we can! 
      • Damaged Gender Reveal Powder Cannons: As stated on all of our powder cannon listings, powder can leak during shipping. Despite our efforts to pad packages well, shipping carriers aren't careful during transport. Powder is a tricky substance to ship because it is so fine. We pack our powder cannons to the brim to make sure you get the best effect on the day of your event. That said, if a little powder leaks around the seems of your cannon- it is not damaged and it will preform just the same. If you're worried about color ruining the surprise, wipe up the powder with a wet rag or Clorox wipe. You can use a black pen or sharpie to draw over the seams if you need to! 

      Product Questions 


        Are the gender reveal products labeling discreet?

        • Cannon Color Indicator: If you need assistance differentiating the cannon, there is a number under the barcode specific to each color. In the bottom right corner of the barcode strip there is an individual number, either a 1, 2 or 3. 

          • 1 is pink
          • 2 is blue
          • 3 is silver

            Can I make cool pictures with them?

            • Yes, and please tag us on instagram @genderrevealsupplies for your chance to be featured! Follow our pages for the latest deals, product updates, and giveaways! 

            Can I use Smoke Balls inside?

            • No, they release way too much smoke to be used indoors.

            Can I send back the ones I didn't use for my gender reveal?

            • No, unfortunately all sales are final. 

              Can I stop the smoke from coming out once it is activated?

              • No, please don't try. That would result in injury. Never put your hand near the end that has smoke coming out.

                What happens if the package is sent back after being determined "undeliverable"?

                • You will receive a refund on your order minus initial shipping costs, plus costs charged to GRS to ship the item back (this cost is most often the same as initial shipping). This can result in up to $60 being taken off your refund.