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The Ultimate Guide to Dry Ice Gender Reveals

Gender Reveal Supplies

Posted on March 15 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Dry Ice Gender Reveals


     Dry ice gender reveals is one of the hottest trends we’ve seen in years. Just get some dry ice and your favorite smoke bomb, and you’ll get a beautiful display and memories that will last a lifetime. 

     We’ve received a lot of questions on how to do a dry-ice gender reveal, from which smoke bomb to use to how to execute it properly. So for this blog, we’ve collaborated with our parent company Smoke Effect to bring you everything you need to know for your next dry ice gender reveal!

Bring the tissues! @the_peppy_duo on Instagram has us turning on the waterworks after this heartwarming gender reveal.

Tip 1: Get creative with your bowl

     Typically, when we’ve seen dry ice gender reveals with smoke bombs, many soon-to-be parents use some sort of bowl to put the smoke bomb and dry ice in. Use this opportunity to get creative! Decorate the outside of the bowl with your gender reveal colors, handprints from the parents, etc. Or, get festive! Use a pumpkin or cauldron if you’re doing a Halloween dry ice gender reveal, or an Easter egg for an Easter gender reveal! Just make sure the sides of your bowl are a little taller, to account for the smoke output from the smoke bomb and dry ice.

Tip 2: Have all materials on hand

     You don’t want to be running around, getting everything ready mid-gender reveal! Have your dry ice, your smoke bomb, and any other materials you might need ready before activation. This will ensure a smooth process.

Tip 3: Do your research

     Dry ice and smoke bombs can create a beautiful, exciting visual effect for your next gender reveal party. However, you want to make sure you’re following all safety precautions for both items before attempting. When not used properly, dry ice and/ or smoke bombs can be dangerous. For more safety information on smoke bombs, please visit our FAQ page.

@zelle_lex on TikTok gave a perfect step by step guide on how to achieve this beautiful reveal! Check out her video here.

Tip 4: Pick the perfect smoke bomb

     Gender Reveal Supplies and Smoke Effect have multiple different smoke bomb options for all your gender reveal needs! For a dry ice gender reveal with smoke bombs, we would recommend using either our RP30’s or our Wicks. The Wicks have been most commonly used for dry ice gender reveals in the past, and mingle well with the smoke from the dry ice. However, if you want to be extra safe and make sure the dry ice won’t put out the wick, our RP30 is the way to go. Both pack a punch of color, last for about 30 seconds, and would be a great option for your gender reveal!

     P.S.- we would not recommend using our Dual Vent or RP90 for your dry ice gender reveal. While these smoke bombs are beautiful on their own, they produce a lot of smoke, and may be overwhelming with the smoke already produced from the dry ice.

Tip 5: Do a Test Run

     Now for the fun part! Get your partner together and do a trial run before the big day. You’ll want to work out any kinks in the process before you throw your party. We offer packs of our Wicks with extra smoke bombs just for this purpose! Make sure everything runs smoothly, try out your smoke bombs, and get excited for your gender reveal!

     Now go out there and do your dry ice gender reveal! Remember, for all your gender reveal smoke bomb needs, Gender Reveal Supplies has you covered! Want colored smoke for a different event? Smoke Effect has smoke bombs in all the colors of the rainbow (and more!). Our show-stopping, vibrant smoke sticks add a gorgeous array of color to any event or photoshoot. Shop today!

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