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Gender Reveal Powder [10 Pack] 100g Bags


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Gender Reveal Holi Color Powder

Gender Reveal Powder Package = 10 packs of 100g bags of vibrant pink or blue Gender Reveal Powder. Receive 5 packs of Blue Powder & 5 Pink Powder. Or you can select one color and receive 10 packs.

Peacock Powder™ is the leading supplier of premium holi color powder in the USA. Our gender reveal powder is 100% safe, non-toxic and easy to clean up.

Item Description:  Color Powder in 100g Bags (Our competitors only have 70g bags) We have larger bags and a lower price!

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Gender Reveal Chalk Powder

Many people refer to this product as colored chalk powder but our holi powder is actually cornstarch with food grade dye so it's non-toxic and 100% safe and washes away with water!