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Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

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Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs for Sale

Fuse Activated Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

Gender Reveal Smoke Sticks lasts between 35-60 seconds.

Now available with a white practice smoke!

Gender reveal parties are more popular than ever! Our new Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs are the best in the world. These fuse activated gender reveal smoke sticks are super easy to use and create a huge poof or pink or blue smoke that will fill your photos.

  • These are discreet, the top on both pink and blue have light red tissue paper.
  • These gender reveal sticks must be shipped via ground.
  • No PO Boxes or USPS shipping allowed.
  • Produces high quality, non-toxic smoke.

Color Smoke Bombs for Gender Reveal

We also have boy gender reveal smoke bombs and girl gender reveal smoke bombs as well. Here at Gender Reveal Supplies we want your celebration to surprise your guest with a poof of pink or blue smoke.

To differentiate -

  1. Find the code beginning with AFW
  2. Last number is 2 = Blue
  3. Last number is 7 = Pink

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Follow all safety guidelines and directions. By purchasing from GRS you understand you assume all liability & GRS is not responsible for any damage or injury from using this product. Have a great gender reveal celebration!

Do not use in dry areas. Soak in water after use.