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Gender Reveal Basketball Kit


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6 Inch Exploding Gender Reveal Basketball Kit

Our Sports Themed Basketball Reveal comes with blue and pink holi color powder bags, allowing you to have a loved one fill the ball with the correct powder, making your gender reveal celebration a complete surprise! Our 6 inch basketball is the perfect size for hands of all sizes, making it easy to slam on the ground, backboard, or for those who are lucky enough, to DUNK! Be sure to slam it into the back of the rim for maximum effect!

What you will receive:

  • 1 Basketball 
  • 1 bag of pink powder
  • 1 bag of blue powder


  1. Hand the kit to your gender secret keeper, allowing them to fill the ball with the correct color.
  2. Ready your friends and family, as well as your camera!
  3. Slam the ball on the backboard, back of the rim during a dunk, or on the ground, and POOF! Your Gender Reveal Celebration is sure to shock and awe!
  4. Clean up the plastic pieces, and use water to wash away the powder.
  5. Tag us on Instagram @GenderRevealSupplies

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