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Gender Reveal Burnout Kit - PRACTICE BAG


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Gender Reveal Tire Burnout PRACTICE BAG. 

The practice bag is here at an affordable price so you can take a whack at the burnout before the big day. Figure out those camera settings, location, and get the feel of how much gas to apply, and overall how best to be safe during your burnout!

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For the car enthusiasts out there, this is the Gender Reveal Idea you have been looking for! Each gender reveal burnout tire kit comes with two black sealed bags with double sided tape on one side to adhere to your back tire. Simply remove the non-stick side of the tape and apply to your tire, then just hop in the car and drive away. 

Experienced drivers with the correct car and tires may be able to perform an actual burnout with spinning back tires, but for the rest of us just simply driving away somewhat quickly will create a large cloud of smoke for your gender reveal. We created this burnout for the larger public and not necessarily the experienced driver, so this is as easy as it gets!

We have 7 colors to choose from, and each will come in completely discreet black bags. If you order 1 color, we will not mark the outside to identify the color. If you order more than one color, we will place stickers or some sort of notification on the outside to help you tell them apart. 

We now haver 2lb kits AND 3lb kits to choose from!


If you order burnouts of multiple colors, they will be labeled with a sticker/piece of tape so you can tell which is which. If you order only 1 color, there will be nothing on the packaging that would give the color away! If the stickers fall off, you can use the number code to determine the burnout kits color. The first number indicates the color:

1 = pink

2 = blue

3 = orange

4 = red

5 = yellow

6 = green

7 = purple

All thats left is to place on your back tire (we recommend placing them on top of your back tire) and make some memories! Get those cameras ready! 

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