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Gender Reveal Powder Cannon - Blue

Gender Reveal Powder Cannon - Blue

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Blue Gender Reveal Powder Smoke Cannon


  • Filled with Premium Holi Color Powder. 
  • Each cannon shoots Vibrant Blue Color Powder.
  • Completely safe and biodegradable.
  • Simply twist and POOF! Powder shoots up to 15 feet in the air!
  • Perfect for your Gender Reveal Surprise!


Our Gender Reveal Powder Cannons are perfect for Gender Reveal Parties. Each cannon is filled with vibrant Blue Holi Color Powder and is completely safe. 

If you want both colors, click HERE and if you want just Pink Powder Cannons click HERE

Our cannons are 12 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, which makes them perfect for any hand size.

We developed the smoke cannons for our customers that want easy clean up and a big pop of color. Confetti Cannons are a bit more of a clean up, but also great for your gender reveal surprise.

Our mission is to help you create memorable moments with your loved ones that are fun and easy to capture!

Each cannon is completely Discreet. All labeling looks the same except for a small number in the bottom right corner of the barcode. 


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Please allow 1 day for processing before orders ship

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Be sure to aim away from any persons. Use outdoors and dispose of cannon responsibly after use. Follow all directions on cannon and most importantly, Enjoy! Tag us on instagram! @genderrevealsupplies