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Gender Reveal Volleyball Kit


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6 Inch Gender Reveal Exploding Volleyball Kit

Love Volleyball? Want a fun way to announce your baby's gender? Our Gender Reveal Volleyball is one of the newest additions to our sports themed gender reveal kits. If you have a hand that is heavier than Clay Stanley, then swing away, but for most everyone we recommend throwing this ball on the ground for your reveal! Find a net and jump up for a joust, slamming it to the ground. The cloud of smoke that follows will not disappoint!

What you will receive:

  • 1 Volleyball 
  • 1 bag of pink powder
  • 1 bag of blue powder

Instructions for maximum POOF!:

  1. Give the kit to whoever knows the gender of your baby, keeping the secret safe from you!
  2. Have them fill it with the appropriate color.
  3. Clean any leftover powder.
  4. Gather friends and family, with cameras ready!
  5. Slam the ball on the ground or throw it up in the air and spike it!
  6. Celebrate and take lots of pictures!
  7. Tag us on social media @GenderRevealSupplies

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