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Smoke Bomb Photography

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Posted on November 01 2018

Orange Smoke Bomb Umbrella Photography

Smoke Bomb Photography is a growing trend and will get much more popular in 2019.

How do You Take Pictures of Smoke?

Photographing smoke takes practice. That is why we always recommend getting our white 6 minute smoke bombs. That way you can practice before using the more expensive colored smoke bombs.

The most important rule of photographing smoke is to wait for a day with No Wind! The slightest wind can really ruin a smoke photo shoot.

You need to have the subject slowly moving forward so they don't get lost in the smoke.

smoke bomb photography

How Do Photographers Make Smoke?

The photographer doesn't make the smoke. They use a smoke grenade which you can buy here at

can you hold smoke bombs

Can You Hold Smoke Bombs?

All smoke bombs will come with a warning that says not to hold in hand. Many people choose to ignore this advice and they hold the bottom of the smoke grenade, lightly (applying pressure to an active smoke bomb is very dangerous). They hold the bottom because the top half (near where the smoke comes out) gets hot. Make sure to have a bucket of water to dispose of the used smoke bomb.

how do you take pictures of smoke

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