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Wick Smokes and What You Need to Know

Gender Reveal Supplies

Posted on January 14 2021

Wick Smokes and What You Need to Know

We all love that extra effect that smoke sticks can have on a photoshoot, gender reveal, wedding or any kind of party. However, there are some important safety tips and tricks that still need to be remembered when using them. 

Wicks are a little different than our normal, ring pull smoke bombs. Wick smokes are lighter activated and last 60- 80 seconds. After the Wick smokes have been lighted they can take 2-3 seconds to activate and reveal the true color of the smoke. Just remember when lighting them to watch for sparks for the first few seconds. 
For the best pictures try walking through the drifting smoke or standing slightly off to the side. This will create the misty effect on your photos. Do keep in mind weather or the slightest wind can change the hue of the smoke more than you think; don't forget to check weather conditions before your event or photoshoot. 
As fun as it may be, we highly recommend not holding the smokes. Due to the nature of the products they can become hot to the touch. Most photographers and models hold the smokes at their own risk. When using the smokes please place them 6 feet away until they have completely finished smoking. 
As crazy as this sounds please be aware of... STAINS. All of our products are non-toxic; however if they are placed too close to a structure or fabric they can create stains. The best thing to do is to play it safe and double check the surroundings of your gender reveal smokes before activating them.
The last thing to remember is to just have fun! Smokes add a unique touch to photos for any occasion. If you want a neat new way to introduce your soon to be little one, our Gender Reveal Wick Smokes are perfect for the job. They can also produce a legendary send off for the newlyweds, and even just a great way to celebrate your next party. 
Last but not least let's talk about COST. Our wick smokes are cheaper than our ring pull smokes. This price means more smoke for less and a even better effect! 

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