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How to Bring Some Spooky Fun to Your Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Supplies

Posted on October 21 2020

How to Bring Some Spooky Fun to Your Gender Reveal

How to Bring Some Spooky Fun to Your Gender Reveal.

Everyone wants some fun creative ways to reveal the gender of your new little one. Especially some added fun around the holidays. What better way then incorporating spooky ideas and themes to your reveal party! 


When it comes to your reveal we highly recommend using a gender reveal pumpkin! Carve a scary face or even a couple cute words such as "What will I be?" Once your pumpkin is ready to be revealed light a few Gender Reveal smoke balls. Two smoke balls create the perfect effect and give your pumpkin that extra look. 


With Halloween everyone loves to dress up and be something different for a change. We recommend dressing up as whatever ghoul you would like and making a party out of it. It's an even better way to incorporate family members, such as soon to be older brothers and sisters, in on the surprise!

Many people believe a picture lasts a lifetime. Keeping that in mind maybe a spooky photoshoot with pink or blue smoke bombs are the better route to go. Dress up, stay simple or even go a little on the dark side. Colored smoke can create the eerie effect you may be looking for during the spooky season. 



There are many cases where some parents want that added twist to the their reveal, or you just really like Halloween. Going with the traditional pink and blue may not be exactly what you were thinking. With pumpkins and cauldrons we recommend colored smoke. Neon Smoke Balls can be mixed to create any color! Green for a boy, or purple for a girl can also be used. The possibilities are endless! 


Happy Halloween! Stay Smokey, and Spooky! 

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