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3 Clever Ways to Take Smoke Bomb Photos Without Holding Them

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Posted on August 07 2020

3 Clever Ways to Take Smoke Bomb Photos Without Holding Them
"We never recommend holding smoke bombs." You've seen it on our listings, you've seen it on our product labels, you've seen it on our FAQ page. So how the heck do you take cute gender reveal photos with smoke bombs without holding them? Here's a few tricks you can try... 

Put Smoke Bombs on The Ground 

Sounds simple, because it is! If you get enough smoke bombs, you can put them on the ground all around you and create a huge cloud of smoke within seconds! Use 2 or 3 Ring Pull 90 Second Smoke Bombs, a variety of Mini 30 Second Smoke Bombs, or even a couple Dual Vents to create a huge back drop of smoke to take photos in! You can still get the 'smoke cloud' effect without holding them! And what's even better about this strategy? You have your hands free so you can create all sorts of different pose types! For those who have already tried posing with a smoke bomb in your hand, you know what I mean. It can be hard to pose with a smoke bomb and get cute photos! So leave the smokes on the ground and up your photo game with more natural poses. 

Use A Mason Jar Prop Instead

If you're set on keeping the smoke off the ground, protect yourself by using a mason jar instead! Mason jars are sturdy, reflect light well, and are clear so you can still see the smoke bomb and the smoke inside! You can hold the mason jar, put it on the ground, or prop it up on just about anything. By taking photos this way, you will concentrate the smoke and it will appear to be 'billowing' out of the top of the jar, and it's more protected from wind! Besides, everyone knows mason jars are gaining traction because of their 'rustic' look, so take advantage of them and get started on some super unique photos! 

Use A Selfie Stick 

Oh come on... we all have one. And if you don't, a regular stick works just the same! You can use just about anything to attach the smoke bomb to and extend it away from you. This creates some protection by giving yourself the recommended '6 feet' away from the smoke bomb, while still giving you control of the smoke it produces! You can hold the stick so that the smoke bomb is closer to the camera, creating a colored fog look easily this way! Want to add another layer? Use another stick with a different color! The options are endless! 

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