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Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon Roulette

Gender Reveal Supplies

Posted on August 21 2020

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon Roulette

Make a game out of your gender reveal party with confetti cannon roulette! This game is simple and is a great way to get everyone involved with your reveal! If you are worried about picking up the confetti after, we have biodegradable confetti cannons available! All of our pink, blue, and silver confetti cannons come with discreet labels making this game possible. Please note that the biodegradable and non-biodegradable cannons have different labels, so be sure to order only one or the other. If you get your cannon colors mixed up, you can check the last number on the bar code to determine which is which. The last number in the far right corner is a color code. 

1 = Pink
2 = Blue
3 = Silver

What You Will Need

  • 1 Confetti Cannon in the correct color for your reveal (pink or blue) 
  • 5 + Silver Confetti Cannons (purchase 1 per person, or 2 per person if you want to go around twice)
  • Extra colored confetti cannons for photos after! 

How To Play 

  1. Mix together all of your silver confetti cannons with 1 colored confetti cannon so you don't know which is which (don't worry, our labels are discreet!)
  2. Pass out your cannons so that each person gets 1 cannon (or 2 if you're planning to go around twice!)
  3. Have everyone pop their cannons one at a time, until the person with the colored cannon pops theirs! 
  4. Use your extra colored cannons to take photos with after! 


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